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Assignment With Recourse

For SMEs that need to unblock trade receivables due from their customers

The advantages we offer: preventive assessment of the creditworthiness of the debtors proposed for assignment, advance payment of the nominal value of the receivables, in whole or in part, optimization of cash flows, outsourcing and constant monitoring of risks, the management of the collection of assigned receivables and, in the event of delay, the initiation of reminder actions.


VAT credits are evaluated rapidly, providing the Customer with quick feedback.


Banca Progetto provides not only its own internal resources but also specialists from its external tax partner.

Without limits

Transferable credits are not limited to predefined amounts.

In brief


No limits are expected


Advance of trade receivables, from private customers and from the PA


Partial or total

What is with recourse?

With recourse operations is the most traditional formula among factoring products. It consists in the continuous assignment of trade credits, in the administrative management of the same and contemplates the notification of the assignment to the assigned debtor, informing him of the procedures envisaged for proceeding with the reimbursement of the assigned invoices.



Turns credits into liquid resources immediately, is an alternative source to M/L or short-term lines


Financially, it reduces the money cycle, and optimizes cash flow


Allows for an increase in the speed of circulation of invested capital and thus profitability


Improves the business's rating and its ability to obtain finance from the banking system

The assignment with recourse is completed with the signing of a contract which may provide for the global transfer of the turnover or a significant part of it, identifying the debtors in agreement with Banca Progetto.

Who is the service aimed at?

The service is intended to support SMEs in the disposal of trade receivables due from their Italian and foreign debtors.

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