Conto Progetto.

The key to your freedom.

Conto Progetto. Many advantages, no additional costs.

With Banca Progetto's Conto Progetto you have at your disposal a free account that guarantees you a rate of interest of 1.60%, without any constraints on time and at no extra cost.

Stamp duty in 2017 is paid by the Bank. The amounts are always available without any kind of penalties, and upon request will be transferred to the linked current account after 32 days.

Thanks to membership in the Interbank Deposit Guarantee Fund, you are guaranteed coverage up to €100,000.


Enter the amount
of your investment
and calculate the gross profit.

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1,20% Rate

Requesting Conto Progetto is easy

All it takes is a few minutes and some clicks

Before you start, you will need:

  1. a valid identity document
  2. tax code card
  3. bank information of the linked current account
  4. a cell phone number and an email address

The Account can be held by a maximum of two people. If you wish to use this option, please remember to have at hand also the documents and the information about the other account holder.

We highly value your privacy and the security of your data.
Further on, you will access a secure area (recognisable by the lock in your browser), where you will be able to give us all the details necessary to activate your Conto Progetto online in absolute safety. The whole procedure should require no longer than 5/10 minutes of your time.

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About the loan

Progetto Quinto

An advantageous and personalised loan.
Tailor-made for pensioners and state, public,
semi-public and private sector employees.